Grill Notifications
Did you notice that one of the grills is out of propane?  Please REPORT IT in one of two ways:
  • Scan this code with your Phone's QR Reader and click SEND to automatically notify volunteers we need a new tank.
  • CLICK HERE to Automatically Send An Email to inform volunteers to exchange the tank.  You do not need to type anything in the message.  Just click the link and then SEND the pre-written message from your email program.   Thank you!
The addition of propane grills in Terraces at Riverwalk in December, 2020 offers a new amenity in the community.  Like every other shared resource, everyone who uses the grills shares the responsibility for safe operation and maintenance.  Shared responsibility.
We do not have any staff members in the community.  We have no "employees" who can keep the grills looking and functioning well.  That is up to us.  Each of us.  The following expectations will help keep people and property safe, extend the lifetime of the equipment, and add to the enjoyment of the use of the grills. 
Everyone who uses the grills is asked to abide by the following:
1.  Persons using the grills must be age 16 or older.
2.  Pack it in, pack it out.  There are no trash cans or cleaning service.  You must take all refuse and articles back home with you.
3.  Safety first, and last!  Turn on the gas valve before igniting the grill and be sure to turn the valve off again before you leave.
4.  Preheat the grates before using cleaning tools on the grates.  Expect the grates to need to be cleaned before use, like at home.
     You may consider bringing your own grill mat to place over the grates, then take it with you to use again next time.
6.  Cooking utensils may be provided.  If you use them, please take them with you to wash them and then return for the next person.
     You may consider bringing your own to save you an extra trip to return the tools after dinner.
7.  Turn off gas to the burners before turning off the valve on the gas tank.
8.  Please report an empty gas tank.  A link under Amenities on the website will easily alert volunteers to help.
9.  If there is any other matter concerning the grill site, call 911 if it is an emergency or explain your concern using the GRILL NEEDS  
     GAS email link under Amenities on the website.  Add your concern in the email then click SEND.
10. For any other unexpected situation, call the Management Company at (239) 437-0340.