Gas Grills
If one of the grills is out of gas, please CLICK HERE to automatically send an email to volunteers to exchange the tank.  You do not need to type anything in the message.  Just click the link above and then click SEND when your email program opens.  Thank you!
Please read GRILL RULES and REGULATIONS for important procedural expectations under Grill Notifications.
Promotional Video
Terraces of Riverwalk offers many features the help all tenants find and enjoy a leisurely stay in the community.  Whether seeking an active or a quiet lifestyle, the amenities on-site should be sure to help you to enjoy your stay here.  We are pleased to share a video that was produced by a local realtor to promote Terraces of Riverwalk as a desirable and attractive community that offers units for sale for private occupancy or investment properties as well as seasonal or long-term leases.  You may view the Terraces of Riverwalk video here.  Enjoy!
Clubhouse Social Room
The Clubhouse Social Room is open from 8 AM - 9 PM daily to guests with FOBS.  Though residents may use the room during the day, the Social Room seats around 80 guests and is the site for Wednesday Potluck Dinners, Game Night on Monday evenings, Euchre Tournaments every Friday, and occasional dances and other events throughout the season.  Guests are encouraged to view the Calendar on this web page for upcoming social events at the Clubhouse.
The billiards table is available for use by guests with FOBS. We hope guests will enjoy playing but also help us to promote appropriate conduct in the social room to help protect our investment. Please help us to ensure that no one rests food or drinks on the table and that no one sits on the edge of the table.  Thank you for your help!
The Library is located behind the front doors of the Clubhouse and is open to guests with FOBS from 8 AM - 9 PM.  Feel free to browse numerous paperback and hard cover books from many genres.   All materials are loaned out on an honor basis.  Visitors to Riverwalk also enjoy using the Library as a comfortable destination where they may access the free wifi network in the Clubhouse.
Fitness Room
The Fitness Room is open to guests with FOB access from 6 AM - 9 PM.  With many types of professional training equipment present, many residents use the Fitness Room regularly during their stay in our community.  High quality treadmills, ellipticals, resistance apparatus, free weights and numerous cycling devices offer a diverse workout for guests seeking an active lifestyle. 
Pool and Spa
One of the very favorite features of the Terraces of Riverwalk is the huge beautiful pool and heated spa.  With a very nice paver pool deck, many lounges, chairs, tables and umbrellas welcome a regular crowd to bask in the sun, read, swim, chat...  The aerated spa is a popular attraction as well, offering soothing relief under the bubbles.  One of the largest pools in Lee County, we are very proud of the condition of our pool and remind everyone that Florida Law prohibits any food or drink in the pool or on the 4-foot pool wet deck surrounding the water.  We appreciate your cooperation!
Pedestrian Walkways
Many guests at Riverwalk enjoy a casual stroll around the .75 mile walkway that winds its way through sun and shade and leads pedestrians past all 8 residential buildings, our Clubhouse, and roundabout in the entry.  The sidewalks are illuminated with walkway lighting and street lamps, providing an attractive and safe pathway for many residents to enjoy either an energetic or relaxed gait during evening or daylight hours.