Architectural Restrictions
  • chevron_rightDo I need ARC approval to replace my AC unit?
    Yes!  An application must be submitted before any work to replace an AC unit may begin.  The unit must meet ARC specifications (size and color) and water to the Fire Sprinkler system must be turned off by our fully licensed and authorized fire service professionals.  There is a fee associated with this service and it must be paid in advance.  Please refer to the ARC guidelines for full details.  Condenser units that do not meet the ARC specifications must be removed.  Owners would be wise to purchase and install only units that comply with the written guidelines.  This is the responsibility of every owner.
  • chevron_rightWhat common changes require ARC approval?
    Owners installing radon mitigation units may expedite the process by choosing a solution that is already approved.  Owners also must be certain to check with their Terrace Boards before changing door hardware, window dressings, screens, screen doors, new flooring, etc.  Read the ARC Guidelines before planning any renovation project to be certain that the changes are permitted and meet the specifications and procedures outlined by the Architectural Review Committee.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the ARC at Riverwalk?
    The ARC - abbreviation for Architectural Review Committee - is a formal body of the Master Board comprised of 5 volunteers who own properties in Terraces of Riverwalk.  All planned changes to any unit that may be seen from the outside must conform to a fairly detailed and approved document known as the ARC Guidelines.  Updated in 2017, owners are urged to read the document each year in order to comply with the application process and uphold the consistent "look" of all units across our community.  This is the responsibility of every owner.
  • chevron_rightWhere may I find and review ARC Guidelines?
    The approved and updated ARC Guidelines have been mailed to every owner as a part of the official notice of our Annual Meeting (March, 2018) and may be reviewed and downloaded at any time from the Members dropdown menu on this website.
  • chevron_rightHow may I reserve the Clubhouse for a private or community event?
    Download the Clubhouse Reservation Form from Members link in the main menu.  Print, complete and deliver the form to the Management Company with the deposit check.  Reservations for events open to the entire Riverwalk Community do not require a deposit.  Any questions?  Contact the Management Company, SMC.
  • chevron_rightWhen is the fitness room open?
    The fitness room is open from 6 AM until 9 PM daily.  Guests may enter with their FOB through a side door that leads directly to the fitness room.
  • chevron_rightWhen is the library open?
    The library at the clubhouse is open from 8 AM until 9 PM daily.  Guests may enter directly into the library through the main front doors using their FOB.
  • chevron_rightWhen is the social room open?
    The social room at the clubhouse is open daily from 8 AM until 5 PM.  Guests may enter the social room through the side entrance facing Pathfinder Loop.  Clubhouse use is open to all guests with FOB entry and all guests using the facilities are expected to be courteous to other guests.  All Guests must leave the social room by 5 PM - any unauthorized presence in the room will be regarded as trespassing.  Be advised that video surveillance is always in use.
  • chevron_rightHow may I replace a lost FOB?
    Every owner is entitled to two FOBS.  Owners who report a lost FOB may purchase a replacement FOB from our management company for a fee of $50.  Please note that the FOB number of the electronic key reported as lost will be permanently disabled in our database, rendering it useless forever.  This assures continues safety and privacy for all community residents by preventing FOB access by unauthorized individuals who may find the missing FOB.
  • chevron_rightMay I obtain another FOB?
    A thorough redistribution of key FOBS occurred in 2017 with exactly two FOBS being received by the owner or another individual named by the owner of each unit.  Every unit receives two and only two FOBS and owners confirmed that they received those.  FOB distribution to parties renting condos must be arranged between the owner and the individual named on the lease, not through our management company.
  • chevron_rightMay I share my FOB?
    This is not a good idea and is strongly discouraged.  As you probably know, every time any switch is activated by an electronic FOB, the event is stored in our database.  We may determine which FOB - therefore, which unit - is associated with the entry, the date, time, and door ID.  For the record and for your protection, we advise that you never share your FOB with any other individual and do not grant individuals you do not know access to our clubhouse or pool area.
Leasing Units
  • chevron_rightHow may I lease a unit that I own?
    Owners are obligated to present completed lease applications to the Management Company, along with all designated fees prior to the leasing of any unit.  The Owner must receive Terrace Board approval for each rental and are held fully responsible for any violations created by a renter.  It is the responsibility of the Owner to share rules, restrictions and FOBS with their tenants.
  • chevron_rightAre their restrictions regarding parking?
    Yes.  No boats, trailers, RVs, or commercial vehicle may be parked within the community and no motor vehicle shall be parked anywhere within the community other than paved designated areas for that purpose. PARKING ON LAWNS OR LANDSCAPED AREAS IS PROHIBITED. Residents are urged to use the parking hang tags on their mirrors.  Parking violations may lead to vehicles being towed without notice and at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  • chevron_rightHow may I obtain a parking hang tag?
    Parking hang tags are distributed by our management company.  Tenants in the community are urged to download and complete a Parking Tag Application from the Forms section under the Members dropdown menu and submit the form to the management company.
Pest Control
  • chevron_rightWho should I call if I see insects?
    Great question, but remember, you are in South Florida - the insect capital of the world!  But then, no one wants them on the inside, right?  Good news - every Terrace and the Master Association provides a pest control service, so all you need to do is call them and share the problem and the location. 
    Clubhouse (Master Association):  Ants and Bugs (239-433-2038)
    Terrace 1 (Buildings 1 and 2):  Pest Max (239-454-4888)
    Terrace 2:  Ants and Bugs (239-433-2038)
    Terrace 3:  Ants and Bugs (239-433-2038)
    Terrace 4:  Pest Max (239-454-4888)
  • chevron_rightMay I have pets in my condo?
    NO PETS ARE PERMITTED IN LEASED UNITS.  The Master Association allows no more than two dogs or cats, but individual Terraces may have additional restrictions.  Owners should refer to their Terrace Rules and Regulations.  Outdoors, pets shall be leashed at all times and not permitted to roam free. Owners who walk their pets in Terraces of Riverwalk MUST clean up after their pet(s).  We thank you for your cooperation.
Pool and Spa
  • chevron_rightAre glass containers permitted in the pool area?
    No.  For obvious safety considerations, all glass containers are strictly forbidden from the pool area.  Paper, plastic or metal drink or food containers may be kept on tables or near chaise lounge chairs.  Reminder -
  • chevron_rightIs food or drink permitted at the pool?
    Florida State Law prohibits food or drink from being present in the pool or on the tan-colored pool wet deck.  Food or drinks in plastic containers may be consumed at the tables or lounge chairs.  Glass bottles or containers are forbidden anywhere inside the pool area.  Live video monitoring may be used to help enforce these safety regulations.
  • chevron_rightMay I play music at the pool?
    Guests are welcome to listen to music through earbuds, headphones or other personal listening devices, but not through speakers.  As a courtesy to other guests who may not want to listen to your music, guests are not permitted to use any device that plays music through a speaker.  Thank you for your cooperation!
  • chevron_rightWhat hours are the pool and spa open?
    The pool is open daily from dawn to dusk.  Guests present within the pool area after dusk are trespassing.
  • chevron_rightWhat if I observe swimmers after hours?
    Call the Lee County Sheriff at 239-477-1000 to report anyone in the pool area after hours. The pool address is 8371 Whiskey Preserve Circle, Fort Myers.
Safety First
  • chevron_rightWalking in the roadway?
    Pedestrians and cyclists are urged to use extreme caution when walking in the roadways.  Visibility is restricted in places around sharp turns.  Individuals walking are reminded to walk on the left side of the road, facing oncoming traffic.  Cyclists should ride on the right side of the road in the same direction as vehicles that may come up behind you.
    The sidewalks are safer, especially after dark and pedestrians are encouraged to use the walkways and cross on the painted crosswalks.  Wear clothing that can be seen easily and be careful out there!
Trash - Recycling
  • chevron_rightHow may I discard large trash items?
    You must call the disposal company to inform them that you wish to request a special trash pickup to remove a large item.  You MUST call before placing chairs, tables, furniture and most commonly, mattresses in the trash bins for removal.   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - Let's all work to get this right so our community does not look like the landfill itself while we wait for unwanted home furnishings to be removed.  Thank you for your cooperation!
  • chevron_rightWhat is the schedule for pickup?
    Trash is picked up twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays December through April and once weekly on Mondays April - November. 
    Recycling is scheduled for pickup once weekly on Fridays.  Please do not place trash or plastic bags in the recycling bins.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  • chevron_rightWhat kinds of items may be recycled?
    Reminders are placed in several locations NOT to place plastic bags in the recycling bins.
    Plastic containers, glass, and cardboard should be placed in the recycling bins.  Please break down cardboard boxes.  Large cardboard items may be placed between the bins rather than inside the bins to save space.  Please place pizza boxes and other cardboard items that contain food scents in the trash recepticles so they do not attract discourage raccoons or other animals.
Walkways and Stairs
  • chevron_rightMay we use dollies to transport objects?
    Yes, but tenants must keep the carts or dollies in their units or storage areas.  No carriages, bicycles, wagons, shopping carts, chairs, benches or tables may be left on the streets, sidewalks, walkways, entrances and stairs. All walkways must remain clear and unobstructed for the convenience and safety of all tenants.
Web Presence
  • chevron_rightHow do I register as a Member on the website?
    Individuals with long-term leases and owners may click the Register link at the top of the site.  Information shared in the form will be sent to the webmaster who must then verify with the management company all the information provided.  This often can be done with in 48 hours and usually within 24 hours.  When verified, you may create a username and password with permission to access additional pages in the website.
    If you have any questions or difficulty, please email the webmaster.
  • chevron_rightHow may I view or join the Riverwalk Facebook page?
    Guests may view our Riverwalk Fort Myers Facebook page.  To become a registered user, you need to request to Join the group from our Page.  Individuals requesting to join the page will be asked a few questions.  Your request and answers to the questions be reviewed and every request must be approved by an administrator.  This may take as little as 24 hours after you answer the questions.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the URL of the Riverwalk website?
    You may access the Terraces of Riverwalk website at terracesofriverwalk.com
    Unregistered visitors will have access to a few pages to learn about our community and view the amenities.  However, individuals with an long-term lease and owners are encouraged to register to use the website.