Terraces of Riverwalk is a private condominium community in a lakeside setting. The four story condominium buildings offer beautiful lake and preserve views.  Riverwalk was developed by US Homes/Lennar.
Terraces of Riverwalk is located in Fort Myers, Florida and offers convenient access to shopping, dining and all activities in the area.  Close to the Cape Coral Bridge and Florida Southwest University, the community is a short drive away from Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel, Captiva and Pine Islands and the quaint downtown Fort Myers River District.
Explore our site and learn how residents in Terraces of Riverwalk enjoy varied opportunities for relaxation, leisure and comfort in a friendly condominium community in Southwest Florida.
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Riverwalk Grills
The two grills are available for use by anyone staying at Terraces of Riverwalk.
Just as you must turn the gas on at the tank behind the grill before use, please turn the gas off at the tank after use and clean the grates.
Every Chef who would like to use the grills must read and follow our Grilling Rules and Regulations.
COVID-19 Update
The Pool and Spa at the clubhouse are open.  Every user is expected to read and follow the written official COVID NOTICE and WARNING here and assume personal responsibility for their well-being and the protection of others.
With fewer chairs on the pool deck, the Board asks that no one "reserve" a chair for anyone not in the pool area.  Thank you for your consideration of others and your cooperation.
The Clubhouse, including the library and fitness room, is open with some restrictions.  Please abide by the attendance limit in the fitness room and be sure to clean the equipment before and after use.  As of July 1, 2021, the Clubhouse may again be reserved for private parties and used by groups not exceeding 40 in attendance.
Residents are urged to continue to follow CDC guidelines maintaining social distancing.  We are in this together and request your cooperation.  Thank you.
Stay safe!
Recent News
Colorful Potted Plants
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2022
A small committee of owners was formed in 2021 with the goal of planning, creating, and maintaining several colorful potted plants in the community.  The members placed two large pots on our pool deck, two smaller ones near the front entrance, and one pot beside each new bench.  We have to say they looked nice last year, but one year later, they have matured into beautiful accessories in each of their locations!  Take time to enjoy their beauty, serenity, and grace!
Picnic Tables and Benches
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2022
This News somehow was overlooked and not shared in this feature in 2021, but the Master Board added three new benches in prominent locations overlooking fountains and a large picnic table near the grills that seats 8.  The polywood furniture all matches and was a welcome addition in our community.
Walkway Lights
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2022
The Master Board is pleased to note that the walkway lighting project in our community, started 2 years ago, is finally nearing completion!  This was a joint effort involving all 5 Boards for the enjoyment and benefit of pedestrians who stroll the walkways during the evening.  Thanks to all who made that happen!
Clubhouse Electrical Upgrades
Posted on Feb 29th, 2020
The electrical service inside the clubhouse has been upgraded.  It was discovered that most outlets in the pool room where we serve most dinnners were on the same circuit.  During certain events (pancake breakfast, chili cook-off, etc.), the use of multiple crock pots or griddles sometimes overloaded the circuit.
The Master Board hired an electrical contractor to add new 20-AMP circuits in that room to adequately provide electrical service.  As a result, the community will be better served and safer for many years to come.
Gas Grills
Posted on Feb 29th, 2020
The Master Board approved the installation of two propane grills near the Clubhouse in January, 2020.
Two locations were considered; the level space along the sidewalk between the clubhouse and Building 6 between the lakes and a separate level space across the street from the clubhouse, beside the fire pump house.
The Board decided the latter would be the best location for gas grills, further preserving the view of the fountains.  It is noted, however, there are some safety concerns, as people will need to cross Pathfinder Loop to access the grills and return to the clubhouse or their vehicles.
However, preparation of that area will begin the first week of March and we should soon have propane grills available for residents in Terraces of Riverwalk!
Roundabout Lighting
Posted on Feb 29th, 2020
Walkway Lights
Posted on Feb 29th, 2020
All five Terrace and Master Boards in the community agreed to participate adding walkway lights near the sidewalks on their property.
This long overdue project will offer both greater safety and aesthetic appeal to pedestrians as they stroll through Riverwalk.  Please be aware of crews working near the walkways this month (February, 2020).  The project is expected to be completed the first week of March.
Common Properties Rules and Regulations
Posted on Dec 2nd, 2019
The Master Board of Directors approved Rules and Regulations that set expectations for all persons using common amenities in the Terraces of Riverwalk community in November, 2019.
A letter from the Management company and a copy of the approved Rules and Regulations were mailed to all owners in November, 2019 notifying them of the Rules and Regulations and their responsibility to ensure that all Rules are followed by all guests and tenants.  Rule violations by anyone visiting or staying in a property in Riverwalk will be addressed with those who broke rules and with the Owner.  It is suggested these Rules and Regulations be printed and posted in each unit.
Read the Rules and Regulations here.
In addition, the Management company also reminded Owners of their responsibility to abide the Guidelines from the Architectural Review Committee.  Read the ARC Guidelines here.
Read the letter from the Management Company here.
Future Projects Survey Results
Posted on Dec 2nd, 2019
An electronic survey was created for owners to indicate their Top 5 projects that they might like to see developed in Riverwalk at some point in the future.
Of 292 owners, 82 participated, nearly a third, which is fairly typical of online surveys. 
Clubhouse Hours Extended
Posted on Jan 16th, 2019
The Master Board of Directors voted to extend the time the social room may be used by residents. 
All areas of the clubhouse now will be open from 5 AM - 9 PM daily.  This matches the time the fitness room is open.  As a result, all interior doors may remain unlocked.  FOBS are required to enter the clubhouse, recording the Unit number and time and date of entry.  Additionally, residents are advised that entrances and interior surveillance cameras provide 24/7 recordings of all activity in the clubhouse.  All guests must leave all areas of the clubhouse at 9 PM unless participating in a scheduled Community activity.
No one may exit the clubhouse to the pool deck after dusk.  Alarms on the doors and pool deck provide notification of entry and surveillance cameras on the pool deck help us identify individuals trespassing after hours. 
We ask for your cooperation in return for community-wide benefit.  Thank you.